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Audtax's  Platform meets the needs of all types of companies, no matter what size they are or where they operate in the world. Our hosting environment enables clients across the globe to complete their month-end tasks in one integrated domain.

Your processor probably have not revisited the growth or changing needs of your business since you signed the initial agreement. As a result, you may have outdated pricing and hidden surcharges. Audtax will evaluate your rate based on your business volume, industry, risk and other factors to ensure you get the best possible rate.

The bank makes a joint deposit for all registered purchases in one statment, including fees charged. The sum can consist of the final figures from a number of different stores. It is therefore impossible to see what you have been paid for from the bank statement. 


In a lot of companies, beyond dealing with a lean structure, the entrepreneur dedicates himself daily to perform a number of activities in all areas of his company, not being able to access systems and manage  information.

Aiming to provide and offer high quality information in a totally flexible and low cost format, Audtax created the Full Service an Integrated Service Center, as a Financial Back Office.


The Audtax Full Service takes responsibility for executing the management of electronic payments auditing, disputes of divergences, restitution of values, discount rates, fees and marketplace discount rate. It has specialized analysts who perform all the technical routines daily and in an innovative model, provides all strategic information to the entrepreneur in different formats for decision making.

More than 3000 clients trust Audtax to outsource their merchant service auditing

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