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Audtax | 360º view
This 360-degree view of your payment processing and merchant service provider fee structure helps us identify immediate savings for you — well beyond the discount rate. We also provide you with an understanding of your current pricing structure, transaction fees, assessment fees, excessive plan fees, and more. But that’s just the beginning. Ongoing savings are also realized as we help you gain an understanding of how the processing of each credit card transaction — and even the type of card used — can affect your processing level qualification and result in costly downgrades. These two factors alone can send your payment processing costs skyrocketing. The ISOs and merchant service providers are not going to tell you this because those downgrades and the associated fees just help them make more profit 

Discount Rate                                                       

Charge Detail per Card Brand               

Per Item Fees                                                        

Card Assessment Fees Merchant                         

Marketplace Discount Rate                         

Qualified Transactions                                            

Interchange Pricing Benchmark

Transactions Statement Fee Accuracy

Gross vs. Net Billing

Contract Analysis Miscellaneous Plan


Statement Fee Accuracy 

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